Alstrong Aerators

Three Models: 840T, 940T & 940M

The Alstrong range of aerators are designed not only to aerate the top layer of grassland but thanks to their unique blade design and weight they have the ability to shatter the hard pan up to 30cm (12”) deep without any soil disturbance or disruption to grazing systems.

The blade design offers greater soil penetration, mechanically altering the physical structure of the soil, leading to better grass growth. Due to its unique patented design, the weight is transferred simultaneously to each blade as it enters the soil. Combined with a working speed of up to 20kph, this in turn shocks and fractures the soil structure up to 30cm (12”) deep.

The Alstrong aerator may also be used as a seedbed preparation tool when used on ploughed lands and can be fitted with an optional broadcast seeder to establish certain crops such as rape seed.



■   4.0 tonnes dry weight
■   4.7 tonnes with water ballast.
■   Heavy duty structural steel frame.
■   Hydraulically controlled twin row levelling boards.
■   Hardened steel aeration blades.
■   Hydraulically controlled heavy duty 11mm rear tines.
■   560mm prisma finishing roller.
■   Soft ride transportation system
■   Floatation tyres.
■   Various pneumatic seeder options available.